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> On  Aug 31, 2004, at 9:02 AM, Walter Potter wrote:
> > I think it  should be pointed out again that the series of films were
> > not  supposed to be all inclusive, a history or even a fair sampling of
>  > the blues. It was not supposed to be the blues version of Ken  Burn's
> > Jazz series. It was seven films by seven directors about  their take on
> > the blues. They only dealt with certain aspects of  interest to them.
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> >>  On Tue, 31 Aug 2004 02:41:14 EDT, BluesMgtGroup@aol.com wrote:
>  >>
> >>> Anyone who has known me over the years knows I  play the game straight
> >> up
> >>> but I also  mean what I say about using an artists name for any
> >>>  purpose. No
> >>> matter how rightious it might seem on the  surface. If the family does
> >> not want
> >>> the  stone-re-carved IT ENDS HERE. Where was all of this rightious
> >>  indignation
> >>> when Jimmy was stonewalled out of the PBS  series to feature a half
> >>> dozen
> >>  minor
> >>> artists who were not archetects of the Chicago  Blues as he certainly
> >>> was ?
> >>> Where  ???
> >>> Tom Radai
> >>> The Blues Mgt.  Group
> >>> Mgr. Jimmy Rogers
> >>
> >>  Don't feel all alone and blue....they short sheeted the hell out of
>  >> THE
> >> WHOLE TEXAS SCENE in general, never mind any one  individual.
> >> chuck  http://www.bluesquoteoftheday.com


I understand that the PBS series was done by different directors and those
directors picked what ever  particular aspect of  the genre they related to at
the time.  How ever  idid tune  in to the "Blues Godfathers" portion and was
disappointed not to see Jimmy  Rogers in that segment like i'd read it would on
the blues-L.  I  was tickled however to see Othar Turner in the Martin
Scorsese segment...it  wasn't until later that i bought the "Gangs of New York" DVD
that i learned that  Scorsese featured Othar's music with a very convincing
effect in  that film.  I've always admired Scorsese's work as a director.  One
thing i find is that his films are very poignant and leave feeling i've
learned  something.  In my book Scorsese using Mr. Turner's drums and fife in  that
movie moved him up a couple of notches.


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