Hot August Blues, KY, etc...

Steve Edmonson
Wed Sep 1 13:52:53 EDT 2004

<>We recently returned from performing at The 15th Annual Kenlake Hot
August Blues Festival in Hardin , Kentucky , Saturday August 29th. Mark,
Kathy, Tammy and all of the staff took great care of us, and the
audience was enthusiastic to say the least. We had been told that this
event was in a "dry" county, and therefore there wouldn't be any alcohol
available at the event. They forgot to mention the proud Kentucky
tradition of making moonshine. We got to the gig late in the afternoon
on the day of our performance due to some mechanical trouble that we had
been having with our bus (we were scheduled to arrive the day before the
gig.) Unfortunately, we missed seeing Zeller, Lew Jetton's set, but we
did get to meet chat for a bit.  Hopefully, we'll get to catch you guys
in the future, Lew.  By the time that we went on around 9:00 PM, the
crowd was well lubricated (Shine On!) and ready to have a good time. We
want to thank everyone at the gig, including the audience for being so
friendly and hospitable. Mark even offered to let us stay at the resort
and rest up an extra day, but we were due to perform back in SF in a few
short days, so we had to move on. We hope to visit Kenlake again soon!

A note to anyone who has written to me offlist in the last few weeks, I
haven't had any time on the internet to respond to any of my e-mail, and
I'm gigging every night this week, and will be out of town the week
after that, but I will answer all of my mail when I return.  Of course,
I hope to see all of you at the upcoming SF Blues Festival on Saturday,
September 25th!  I think we go on around 12:00 Noon.

Steve Edmonson
The Jackie Payne-Steve Edmonson Band

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