Paul Nunis thebluescaster@YAHOO.COM
Wed Sep 1 09:49:14 EDT 2004

No, my statement is very clear...I would never send you a penny, no matter
who you claimed to be raising money for. Whether you can handle that or
not, it is my right to decide who to give money to.
End of story.

Nice attempt at a red herring from your own actions and motives though, by
bringing up a non-issue (I'm not a member of any kind at your forum) and
then claiming that it shouldn't be brought up here, as though I had done so.

I think that should give the zellers a glimpse into what kind of person you
are, and I'll trust them to make up their own minds as to how much money
they want to send you in Jimmy Roger's name.

And if anyone wants to contact me off list, I will be happy to give them
the details of your earlier false representations using the Devil's Music
forum in order to harvest names for your own purposes...

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