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P.W. Fenton pwfenton@P-DUB.COM
Wed Sep 1 08:23:45 EDT 2004

On Wed, 1 Sep 2004 06:42:43 -0400, c.n. <cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:

>I'd hate to just post the quote, then that might cause a lot of folks to
>miss out on my very minimal art skills, the links that you can get to by
>clciking on the graphic, and/or miss the soundclip with the quote in it.
>I guess that must be (essentially) the reason PW doesn't post his "On This
>Day" content straight to the list anymore, reckon?

Hmmmm, that's news to me.  You mean when I post it to the list every day,
I'm the only one who can see it?

It's quite the other way around, in my case.  The only reason there is a
web version is because so many DJs kept asking for a way to get listings in
advance rather than just a same day listing.  The web version always
displays today's listing on top followed by 7 days of advanced listings.

Otherwise there is no difference between what I post on Blues-l and what
appears on the Bluesland website.

P.W. Fenton
New Port Richey, Florida

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