blues quotes of the day.

c.n. cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM
Wed Sep 1 06:42:43 EDT 2004

Hi Jeff,

I'd hate to just post the quote, then that might cause a lot of folks to
miss out on my very minimal art skills, the links that you can get to by
clciking on the graphic, and/or miss the soundclip with the quote in it.
I guess that must be (essentially) the reason PW doesn't post his "On This
Day" content straight to the list anymore, reckon?   So far you're the
only one who has asked (except for Don O another list, who also doesn't
post his calender but rather has you visit his site), so maybe it's time
to hit the garage sales and see if you can't upgrade that PC. <S>  When it
gets to be too much trouble to simply click on a URL, that's a sign that
it's that time to go shopping, somewhere. (imo).

Anyway, I have stuck your address over in my favorites, and will try and
remember to just send you (personally) just the text.   The quotes aren't
all that amzing, but usually given because I have a sample handy, more
than anything else.   I am trying to hone some simple graphic skills along
the way, and hopefully by the end of a yr, myself along with the folks who
stop by each day, will be able to notice.     I'm glad, I should mention,
that you're at least interested. Trust me, it takes me longer (because I
am such a newbie at this stuff) to put it together than it does for you to
go there and view it, so work with me.  regards, chuck

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