MP3 Blues songs now available (free) on Silk City site

Andy Allu
Wed Oct 27 20:20:24 EDT 2004

Silk City is pleased to announce the addition of MP3 sample tunes by the
artists at our site (some of whom are members of Blues-L) for free sampling by
visitors.  All, except for Mike Dugan, have complete songs from their  CD's.
Mike has a one-minute sample of his great guitar playing and  singing.

In our continuing focus to partner up with folks who do things better'n we
could, the songs are hosted by but a seperate window pops up so
that you still have easy access to our site for navigation.

We are also undertaking development of a Silk City "radio station" at that will put access to all the artists on a single web  page.

I have to thank Blues-L's Chuck Nevitt for his suggestion that it would be  a
lot easier to decide who to buy if he could get an idea of their sound and
style.  Since most of these folks are truely indie artists, we agree!

Andy  Allu
Silk City Records
_www.silkcitycd.com_ (

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