If you could sit and talk with B. B. King . . . . .

c. n. cnevitt@hotmail.com
Sun Oct 3 21:55:51 EDT 2004

>From: Dick Waterman <Jinxblues@aol.com>
>In a message dated 10/3/04 8:09:47 PM, cnevitt@hotmail.com writes:
> > I mean, bothering to take it to a Stevie Ray Vaughan
> > there already numerous Guitar magazine articles that have done that over
> > over?
> >
> >
>I expected Nevitt to take the obligatory shot at me, and he certainly
>let me down.

Now Dickster, I didn't know you were getting into fiction too.  Perhaps you
can explain to these good people, along with myself, exactly how the heck
you could (in any way) feel that my reponse could be interpreted as "the
obligatory shot" at you. PLEASE, don't dodge this one, take your time, catch
your breath, and think it out...clearly. I can't wait to hear your spin (and
be sure and include my text). Regards, chuck

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