The second legacy of B.B. King

c.n. cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Nov 30 09:05:08 EST 2004

(according to author Charles Sawyer)
"The second legacy of B.B. King is his contribution to racial tolerance.
By bringing the chit'lin' circuit to Middle America, B.B. King allows
white America and the wider world to experience the musical culture of
black America undiluted. The wider the exposure between the two cultures,
the greater the interface between the races, and the deeper is the
liberalizing influence on race relations. When B.B. King, an orphaned
sharecropper, who witnessed the body of a black man on public display on
the courthouse steps after his electrocution, is hosted at the White
House, our society has changed for the better. When he, who ran in fear
from the white hoods of the Ku Klux Klan, bows his head to accept the
crimson hood of Doctor of the Arts from Yale University, our values are
confirmed in a way that marks progress."

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