Mannish Boys Info

Cholo Willsin
Sat Nov 27 04:36:48 EST 2004

Randy Chortkoff ( a true gentleman and fine musician with an uncanny ear for
the best stuff out there) used to front a band by the moniker of "The
Taildraggers" with And Kaulkan, Tom Leavey & Lee Cambell and that band hooked up with
the late King Ernest (Blues Acces #29, spring 1997) and renamed the band King
Ernest & The Wild Knights. They cut one disc "King Of Hearts (Evidence 1997)"
and played many festivals including Winthrop R & B Festival of which people
still ask about that band saying they were the only true blues band we had in

Randy is like the M.Hummel/John Mayall of his geographical area . He has
fronted other great blues singers and is now the brain behind The Mannish Boys and
can deliver any configuration of The Mannish Boys and I can assure you that
eacfh show they do will be most entertaining  and professional. "That Represent
Man" is one hell of a great disc and will go down as a classic blues disc. I
will hopefully have them at my festival next July 2005. I am sure their
website  will give more detail on all the players but
the configuration I saw was with Frank "Paris Slim" Goldwasser, Kid Ramos,
Lynnwood Slim, Johnny Dyer, Randy Chortkoff, Tom Leavey & Lee Cambell. Do
yourself a favor and also pick up the King Ernest recording or the Billy Boy AQrnold
recording that was produced by Randy.

Curtis "Cholo" Lehmkuhl
Winthrop R & B Festivals
Peace, Love and Funky-Booty Shakin Grooves Forever
Yesterday evening I heard a cut on Bill Wax's "Bluesville" on XM Radio that
blew me away.  It proves that there are people still making "the real
Blues" even today.  It was a cut called "The Eagle Is Back".  This morning,
after further investigation I have learned that this is from a CD called
"That Represent Man" and features vocals by a woman named Mickey Champion,
who sounds like a cross between Etta James and Moms Mabley (and no offense
to any of them... she's wonderful).  It also featured some outstanding lead
guitar playing, but there are too many guitarists listed on the online
credits to know which one is playing on that cut.  The song is a Johnny
"Guitar" Watson original.  I'm sure I will own this CD very soon, but I'd
like to hear from anyone with some inside knowledge about this band, this
CD, or this cut.

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