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Rick, I read Ray's autobiography, "Brother Ray" (with David Ritz).  He
states that while going blind as a boy he memorized the route he rode his bike  so
he could still do it when he went completely blind. This is what I  imagine he
did with the aforementioned golf cart -- someone showed him the route  he
memorized it. The man was a genius for real!  He ran the band,  did
arrangements,supported a family, got all kinds of woman, wrote hit tunes,  produced
sessions.   I don't think he could see a thing and he wrote  horn charts in brail
according to his book.  I know from a close  friend who spent years with Ray's
band that one certain member of the band  always went back to Ray's room after
every show.   Dig?

-RJ Spangler

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Apparently he could also see well enough to write charts for  sessions.
also drove a golf cart around his place in  Louisiana.

Fact is stranger than truth.

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> ok.........here's  my one question about "ray".........ray obviously
> many  times by himself...according to the movie.........which  means
> syringing, and hitting a vein.....blind? that seems  difficult?
> hoodoojimmy
> (obviously inexperienced with  this particular finery of life)

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