Blues Nazis

Paul Nunis thebluescaster@YAHOO.COM
Thu Nov 25 00:47:49 EST 2004

"There is a big difference between being a 501 (c) nonprofit and being
subsidized by tax dollars. As a nonprofit you don't have to pay taxes
and a contributor can write a donation off their taxes. But you don't
get funds from the government as a 501(c), you might apply to get grants
from the government and usually you need to be a 501(c) to get the grant
but the gov't doesn't just hand you money."

Being subsidized can be done by means other than just drawing a check from
the government...and the benefits received do have an end cost somewhere,
that is ultimately drawn from the tax coffers.

I have some friends currently in another 501(c), and they are constantly
using group money to buy officers presents, authorizing expenditures with a
few phone calls instead of following their own bylaws, letting their
friends get bids to provide services to the group, raising prices on the
things they sell to make double and triple profits on special events, etc.
...and no one wants to hear that these are no-nos with the IRS.

So blues societies have no special claim to such problems when it comes to
tunnel vision and the seduction of power.

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