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Scott checker758@YAHOO.COM
Wed Nov 24 12:14:37 EST 2004

The guitarist on "The Eagle Is Back" is Kirk Fletcher.  Frank Goldwasser
shares the guitar duties on most of the CD, but on this track it's all

PW, if you like that track, you're going love the The Mannish Boys CD -
it's a killer all the way through.  As you say, it's the real deal,
without being trapped in any sort of rigid re-creationism.  It's one of
the best CDs of the year, IMO.  Which is why I've been posting occasional
notes plugging it ever since I first heard the rough mixes earlier this
year.  The producer is a friend of mine, but if I didn't think it was a
great CD, I would have just kept my mouth shut about it...:)


On Wed, 24 Nov 2004 09:42:33 -0500, P.W. Fenton <> wrote:

>Yesterday evening I heard a cut on Bill Wax's "Bluesville" on XM Radio
>blew me away.  It proves that there are people still making "the real
>Blues" even today.  It was a cut called "The Eagle Is Back".  This
>after further investigation I have learned that this is from a CD called
>"That Represent Man" and features vocals by a woman named Mickey Champion,
>who sounds like a cross between Etta James and Moms Mabley (and no offense
>to any of them... she's wonderful).  It also featured some outstanding
>guitar playing, but there are too many guitarists listed on the online
>credits to know which one is playing on that cut.  The song is a Johnny
>"Guitar" Watson original.  I'm sure I will own this CD very soon, but I'd
>like to hear from anyone with some inside knowledge about this band, this
>CD, or this cut.
>P.W. Fenton
>New Port Richey, FL
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