Blues Nazis

Douglas M Waltner
Mon Nov 22 08:22:17 EST 2004

It never ceases to amaze me how people outside an organization want to
dictate what that organization should or should not do.  If a Blues
society isn't doing what YOU think it should be doing why don't YOU do
it.  I know of no Blues society that controls all of the music in any
locality.  It seems to me that the Blues society has the right to
present the music that THEY are interested in, whether that is
traditional, acoustic, or rock.  If you don't like it start your own
society to promote the music that you want to.  I find the term "Blues
Nazi" offensive.  Most people who use this terminology I find are local
bands who aren't being presented by their local Blues society.  Who says
that they have to spend their precious time and energy to promote a band
who plays down at the corner bar every week?  You don't need a Blues
society for that, unless of course that's what the Blues society WANTS
to do.  Its their effort---and THEIR choice.  You have the right to
support-or not support them as you see fit.  you also have the right to
work  on the inside, in most cases, to put the Society on the track that
you think it should be on.

Doug Waltner

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