If Yogi "spit" in the woods...what would Van hear? :) was: Makes sense to me.

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Sun Nov 21 16:04:06 EST 2004

>Yogi Berra on jazz:

>Yogi:  Anyone who understands jazz knows that you can't understand it.
>too complicated.  That's what's so simple about it.

>Interviewer: Do you understand it?

>Yogi:  No.  That's why I can explain it.   If I understood it, I wouldn't
>know anything about  it.

Just a couple of quotes I ran across following a link - thought the first
one kind of fit in here too - from Van's view anyway.  Not near as "amusing"
on the surface - but to each their own yogi (and VM's probably would not
have been Berra :)

(From an interview by Paul Du Noyer, "The Big Man." The Van Morrison
Website. April 1999.)

VM:  "I find I have to keep going back, because I don't find the same sort
of... I haven't heard any music for a long time that's been as inspiring. I
think, in every field, there hasn't been anything new since maybe the 70s.
In jazz as well. I have to keep going back to find inspiration."

Back to what?

VM:  "I just go back to the blues. Mainly that."

What's the quality that keeps you going back to the blues?

VM:  "I don't know. The whole thing is non-intellectual. It resonates, you
know? That's all I can put it down to. It's soul music, or whatever."

and one for the True Blue :)

"From an early age, it was the blues that captivated me more than any other
type of music. The bluesmen were the first people I wanted to meet. In a
way, they are my musical ancestors, my godfathers. I met John Lee Hooker in
London in the 1960s. He was the first person to say that the blues had
nothing to do with the colour of your skin. One word sums up the essence of
the blues: truth. After that, you can always call this truth the soul or the

(Cassavetti, Hugo. "April 1997 interview with Van Morrison. April 2 edition
of Télérama". The Van Morrison Website. April 1999.)

“Wrong is right.”

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