"sitting in"

ROBIN BANK$ misschanteuse@yahoo.com
Fri Nov 19 16:48:49 EST 2004

Thanks for starting this fun little thread. I seem to
remember it popping up on Blues-L a couple of times
before. My fave by far is the Tom McFarland response!

Similarly, I remember hearing a story about a guy
walking up to the stage and asking the harp player,
"hey, can I blow through one of your harps?" and his
response being "sure, if I can french kiss your wife".
 I mean, geez, it's a hygiene thing!

Of course a jam unlike a performance is indeed a jam
and people are encouraged to sit in. But the best run
jams are still organized very well. Not just guys
walking up and taking over. Heck, that's just rude
where I come from.

A performance is a completely different situation. I
would never dream of walking up to a band I don't know
and asking to sit in, unless I was asked to come down
and audition for the club or something along those
lines. Heck, it's nice to just sit and watch a good
Blues band instead of being the ones providing the

Fortunately, living in DFW which is littered with
international Blues talent, it's not uncommon for
fabulous, known artists to walk into a club while you
are playing. And yes I ask them to sit it. I've met
many of my heroes that way... and I'm as big a fan as
I am a player, maybe bigger.


--- St John <defrosterz@yahoo.com> wrote:

> hiya guys and gals....it was myself who posted the
> 'drunk-0-meter' in the first place, mainly as a joke
> post, and thanx to all who are participating in the
> 'sitting in' discussion...I feel honored to have
> stimulated a great conversation between us all with
> such a stupid post and everyone brings up some
> interestingly good points about sitting in. But I
> gotta tell ya, just last night...at my jam session
> here in McMinnville,Oregon(pop. 20,000) 35 mi from
> Portland....jammers are one thing, buttinskies (sp?)
>  are another.....we were coming up on 11:45 cut-off
> time and a local organized band of youngsters were
> doing several 'Stones-type tunes to close the jam,
> when some guy comes up and asks to 'sit in' on the
> drums....he was an 'unknown player' to me and I
> told him this was the last tune of the night and to
> return next week earlier in the evening and sit
> in....well this guy wouldn't take no for an answer
> and walked up on the set and asked the drummer,
> right in the middle of a tun
>  e to
>  'take over', and of course the drummer said
> no....the guy starts argueing with the drummer for
> several minutes and finally walked away....came over
> to me muttering about the drummer being a
> 'dick'.....I just looked at the guy and repeated
> what I had told him earlier.....and added that if he
> wanted he could even bring his own drum kit next
> week and sit in.....he said "I don't have a drum
> kit, I just know how to play the drums"...I'm
> thinkin' (ya, right...AIR drums, maybe)...afterwards
> I thanked the drummer for not allowing the guy to
> 'take over'...of course the local band guys were
> grateful too and said they would be back next week
> to jam......we have a pretty good little jam going,
> in a small town where there aren't a lotta great
> players, and it always works pretty good.....hope to
> keep it working that way...and next week if the 'no
> drum kit' guy shows up ...guess I'll have to deal
> with THAT! .....thanx to Brown for the space to rap
> about music and "see ya all on the 'zell!"
>   "Keep
>  the blues alive!"


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