sitting in was: 'drunk-o-meter'

Blue Stew
Fri Nov 19 05:53:27 EST 2004

After 35 yrs of playing bars, I've heard it all when it comes to
"sittin' inners".  All of these statements are real and have actually
been said to me.
If you hear any of these, you may want to think twice before asking
them ti "sit in".

1. I can play anything by Foghat.

2. A guy that works with my brother knows Jay Leno and he's gonna get
me on the Tonight show.

3. I'm petty shit faced but, would you mind if I play a song I wrote
for my girl friend?

4. If I can borrow a drumstick I'll play the cowbell!

5. I can sing anything, if you give me the words.

6. Check this out. I've got Johnny Winter's face tattooed on my back!
Now will you let me sit in?!

7. Hey man, my buds bet me that I don't have the balls to sing with
you guys so let's do "Let's Get Drunk and Screw" by Jimmy Buffet.

8. My dad is the manager and so if I can't sit in, he can make sure
you never play the Sioux City Holiday Inn again.

9. Can I play your harp? Don't worry, I'm not sick anymore.

10. I'll go get my timbales!


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