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BLUES BEFORE MONDAY: 7:00-10:00 p.m. Sunday, November 14, 2004.  With Mark 
and Gary, the "White Bread Blues Boys."  Your basic show, with some old and some 
new.  We did do a birthday tribute to Carey Bell.

      ARTIST / SONG TITLE / LABEL (A) = album title       
       HOUR 1   
 1. John Lee Hooker/In The Evening When The Sun Goes Down/Eagle
 2. Junkyardmen/High and Dry/Inside Memphis
 3. Luther Allison/Driving Wheel/Motown
 4. Bob Margolin/Stick Out Your Can/Blind Pig
 5. Stevie Ray Vaughan/Look At Little Sister/Epic
 6. Albert Collins/T-Bone Shuffle/Pointblank
 7. Albert King/Oh, Pretty Woman/Stax
 8. The Robert Cray Band/Bad Influence/Hightone
    (A) Carey & Lurrie Bell/Second Nature/Alligator
 9. Carey & Lurrie Bell/Stop Running 'Round/Alligator
10. Carey & Lurrie Bell/The Road Is So Long/Alligator
11. Carey & Lurrie Bell/Heartaches and Pain/Alligator
12. Carey & Lurrie Bell/Do You Hear/Alligator
       HOUR 2  
13. Roosevelt Sykes/The Train Is Coming (No More Baby Talk)/Wolf
14. Joe Turner/How Long Blues/Atlantic
15. Muddy Waters/Cold Weather Blues/Chess MCA
16. Charlie Musselwhite/Stingaree/Alligator
17. Kerry Kearney Band/Thank You Jesus/Hipbone
18. The Mannish Boys/Call My Job/Delta Groove
19. Dave Clark's Blues Swingers/Cold, Cold Feeling/Delmark
20. King Johnson/Flow/Landslide
    (A) Roy Carrier & The Night Rockers/Living Legend/Severn
21. Roy Carrier & The Night Rockers/Put A Hump In Your Back/Severn
22. Roy Carrier & The Night Rockers/Everybody Call Me Shoon/Severn
23. Roy Carrier & The Night Rockers/I Come From The Country/Severn
24. Roy Carrier & The Night Rockers/You Got Me Dancing/Severn
25. Roy Carrier & The Night Rockers/Do The Lala Dance/Severn
       HOUR 3
    (A) Paul Rishell & Annie Raines/Goin' Home/Tone-Cool
26. Paul Rishell & Annie Raines/Hunkie Tunkie Blues/Tone-Cool
27. Paul Rishell & Annie Raines/I Had A. Good Mother And Father/Tone-Cool
28. Paul Rishell & Annie Raines/I'm Goin' Home/Tone-Cool
29. Paul Rishell & Annie Raines/Memphis Town/Tone-Cool
30. Paul Rishell & Annie Raines/Black Horse Blues/Tone-Cool
31. Paul Rishell & Annie Raines/Black Eye blues/Tone-Cool
32. Paul Rishell & Annie Raines/Ragtime Millionaire/Tone-Cool
    (A) Wayne Baker Brooks/Mystery/Blues Island
33. Wayne Baker Brooks/Ain't That Lovin' You/Blues Island
34. Wayne Baker Brooks/It Don't Work Like That/Blues Island
35. Wayne Baker Brooks/Your Turn (To Talk To The Blues)/Blues Island
36. Wayne Baker Brooks/Sooner Or Later/Blues Island
37. Wayne Baker Brooks/You Make It Easy, Baby/Blues Island
38. Wayne Baker Brooks/Root Of My Soul/Blues Island

BLUE MONDAY: 6:00 - 7:00 Monday, November 15, 2004
Hosted by Mark Halverson.  I played the middle hour of the Radiator's DADS 
Halloween show that took place on Oct. 30 of this year.  I will probably stick 
with that until I have played all of it.

      ARTIST / SONG TITLE / LABEL (A) = album title  
    (A) Radiators/Dance of the Seven Deadly Sins/DADS 10-30-04
 1. Radiators/St. James Infirmary/DADS 10-30-04
 2. Radiators/Seven Devils/DADS 10-30-04
 3. Radiators/Sinner's Ball/DADS 10-30-04
 4. Radiators/I Like 'em Fat Like That/DADS 10-30-04
 5. Radiators/City of Refuge> Jump Into the Fire > City of Refuge/DADS 
 6. Radiators/Seven Devils/DADS 10-30-04
 7. Radiators/These Boots Are Made For Walking/DADS 10-30-04
 8. Radiators/Gilded Splinters/DADS 10-30-04
 9. Radiators/Cannibal Girls/DADS 10-30-04
10. Radiators/Western Plains/DADS 10-30-04

BLUES BREAK: Monday - Friday 11:30 - Noon.
Hosted by Mark Halverson.   New release previews al week.  Ray was inspired 
by the movie which I had seen a couple days before the show.  I don't have a 
copy of the soundtrack, so his latest (last?) project was used.  Al Cook's CD is 
a pretend radio show -- which aired on my pretend radio show.  That's getting 
real deep, isn't it?

      ARTIST / SONG TITLE / LABEL (A) = album title  
    (A) Ray Charles/Genius Loves Company/Concord
 1. Ray Charles/Here We Go Again/Concord
 2. Ray Charles/You Don't Know Me/Concord
 3. Ray Charles/Fever/Concord
 4. Ray Charles/Do I Ever Cross Your Mind/Concord
 5. Ray Charles/Sinner's Prayer/Concord
 6.     Ray Charles/Heaven Help Us All/Concord
 7. Ray Charles/Crazy Love/Concord
    (A) Al Cook/Birmingham Jam (With Comments)/Wolf
 8. Al Cook/Birmingham Jam/Wolf
 9. Al Cook/Movin' Back To Alabama/Wolf
10. Al Cook/Carolina Blues/Wolf
11. Al Cook/If You Can Dish It Out/Wolf
12. Al Cook/Yound and Wild Blues/Wolf
13. Al Cook/'Taint What You Say Is What You Do/Wolf
14. Al Cook/They Got Wake Me In The Morning/Wolf
    (A) Calvin Owens/Keeping Big Band Blues Alive/Sawdust Alley
15. Calvin Owens/Hucklebuck/Sawdust Alley
17. Calvin Owens/I Gotcha Hootchie Mama/Sawdust Alley
18. Calvin Owens/If The Blues Come Roun'/Sawdust Alley
19. Calvin Owens/Love On A Silver Platter/Sawdust Alley
20. Calvin Owens/Lover Man/Sawdust Alley
21. Calvin Owens/Why Can't I/Sawdust Alley
22. Calvin Owens/Stop The Clock/Sawdust Alley
    FRIDAY, NOV. 12
    (A) Alex Schultz/Think About It/Severn
23. Alex Schultz/Done Got Over It/Severn
24. Alex Schultz/Be Good, Be Gone/Severn
25. Alex Schultz/I Don't Want Your Money, Honey/Severn
26. Alex Schultz/Think/Severn
27. Alex Schultz/Lexington Express/Severn
28. Alex Schultz/No Use Knocking/Severn
29. Alex Schultz/Walkin' and Talkin'/Severn
    MONDAY, NOV. 15
    (A) Ronnie Earl/Now My Soul/Stony Plain
30. Ronnie Earl/Blues For J/Stony Plain
31. Ronnie Earl/Double Trouble/Stony Plain
32. Ronnie Earl/Abandoned/Stony Plain
33. Ronnie Earl/The Magic Of Sam/Stony Plain

HOST COMMENTS:    While perhaps not mainstream blues, I did catch Hot Tuna at 
the Cedar Friday night.  They did an acoustic and an electric set, both of 
which included a good deal of blues.  I hope to get a copy of a recording of 
that show soon and air at least some of it.  On Saturday, I caught a bit of Don 
Scott with John Beach at the Wine Cafe.  The two worked well together.  
Everybody had a real good time.  Although Scotty has headed south for the winter, he 
is returning over Christmas and has another Wine Cafe gig with John scheduled 
on December 18. 
    Our old friends Blue Max are playing a couple gigs in the area this 
weekend, first on Friday at the Midtown Tavern and then on Saturday at the Embassy 
in St. Peter.  Mick Sterling and Kevin Bowe are out at Lemay's on Saturday 
night as well.  I haven't seen them perform as a pair before, but suspect it will 
be a very good show with a fair share of blues.
    The new Blues Before Monday T-shirts featuring a picture of the White 
Bread Blues Boys arrived this week.  Everybody likes the.  If you don't have one 
heading your way yet, call the station at 800-456-7810 and see what you need 
to do to get one.  A very limited supply -- for this pressing, at least.

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