sitting in was: 'drunk-o-meter'

Thu Nov 18 14:50:34 EST 2004

--- Paul Nunis <thebluescaster@YAHOO.COM> wrote:

> How many other professions have the practice of
> allowing a total stranger
> to walk up and take over your job just because they
> ask to?
> Can you imagine the response from a teacher, or a
> barber, or a cop, or a
> chef, or an actor, if someone just walked up to them
> in the middle of their
> job and said something like "Hey, mind if I join
> in"?
You make an excellent point, Paul. Reminds me of when
I was a freelance writer who was also waitressing in
an Italian restaurant. I had just sold my first decent
paying story ($800) and when the chef found out how
much I was getting, he said, "Gee. I should start
writing for them too."
Mary Lou

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