Little George Sueref recommendation

Steve Edmonson
Tue Nov 16 07:13:45 EST 2004

Good to see you back on the L, Señor Blue Ray.  I have to agree with
Kenny about both of these guys.  Yes, George is indeed of Greek decent.
I met him when Jackie and I played in Sweden at the Åmål Festival this
past summer.  It was great to hear George live.  George and his band
mates were like a breath of fresh air.  Playing in a very traditional
style, often with an overall sound that sounds very Excello to me, it
makes perfect sense that Lazy Lester guested on George's debut solo CD.
It was also a treat to meet and to hear another Brit, and mostly lurking
zeller, Big Joe Louis.  I don't really know their history together, but
I know that he and George have recorded and performed together in the
past.  I think George was a member of Joe's, Big Joe Louis & His Blues
Kings.  Anyway, after hearing Joe live in Sweden and meeting him with
George, I got a couple of his CD's and wasn't surprised to hear some
good real deal blues.  Great stuff Joe!  I highly recommend picking up
any CD's that you run across by either one of them.

As for John Nemeth, we were on the Pinedale Festival with him this year
in Wyoming.   He and his Boise, ID based band were backing both Jr.
Watson and James Harman.  The whole band sounded great.  I was sitting
with Sherman Robertson and Jackie Payne when John came on, and they were
both quite impressed by John's vocals, and his band.  They told us that
the whole band was planning on moving out to the SF Bay Area this
month.  I ran into John recently, at the SF Blues Festival, and at that
point he had moved here, but his band mates hadn't yet.

I think that John might be doing a date or two with Kenny Blue Ray
sometime in December.  Be sure to let us know if that gig is a go,
Kenny.  John and Kenny were already booked to do a local gig recently,
but John had to cancel as he had developed bronchitis on his recent road
trip with Jr Watson.  John has a couple of very strong CD's out too.  I
think Kenny has put out a couple too, haven't you Kenny?  If John Nemeth
or George Sueref come to your town, make the effort to go check them
out, you won't be sorry.  The same goes for Joe Louis, but you might
have to got to the other side of the pond to hear him.

Steve Edmonson
The Jackie Payne-Steve Edmonson Band

 Kenny Blue Ray wrote:

>Little George (Sueref) is awesome, a Great Singer, Excellent Harp, and a
>Good band that plays old style.
>Great reverb and some killer Excello, Sun
>& Chess vibes on the cd. I know George and He is the Real Thang.
>I know he is of Greek decent (Not that that matters) I call him a BluesMan.
>also just diggin on John Nemeth, This Cat is an Unbelievable Singer and
>Harp Player, too.
>The Blues will never die with these 2 Dudes around.
>Kenny 'Blue' Ray
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