New Blues Movie Out Today

c. n.
Fri Nov 5 17:35:45 EST 2004

Damn, PW can't even be wrong, even when he is...then his b-muncher chimes
in, desperately trying to shore up one of his more idiotic/clueless
statements.  His original statement was simply wrong; PW is much like you
Dick, in that neither one of you can ever admit to being wrong, even when it
is clear you are.  I suggest that you're both full of shit (at least this
time around).  I never said that all blues is mournful, just that it is damn
sure more mournful than the musical genres that I mentioned (PW, as you'll
recall, said the blues is no more mournful than any which I
simply disagreed, and gave examples). I stand by that. That you two can't
hear it, is frankly, not all that suprising.  You're just being contrary,
for contrary's sake....or either you're both making it up as you go along, I
am not sure which.  Good luck with it all though.    chuck

>Subject: Re:       Re: New Blues Movie Out Today
>Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 12:38:35 EST
>In a message dated 11/5/04 11:23:41 AM, writes:
> > >From: "P.W. Fenton" <>
> >
> > >At 08:52 AM 11/5/2004 -0600, Lisa Kelly wrote:
> > >>Movie Review
> > >>By CHRIS VOGNAR / The Dallas Morning News
> > >>
> > >>Lightning in a Bottle is a happy affair, even though it's dedicated to
> > >>most mournful of pop forms.
> > >
> > >When will we ever live that misguided reputation down?  It's no more
> > >mournful than any other kind of music, yet many folks won't even give
>it a
> > >try because of that one stigma.
> >
> >
> > Huh? It's much more mournful that hard rock, punk rock, dixieland, or
> > Polkas, just to name four that popped right into my head.
> > chuck
> >
>You're being contrary just to maintain your position for opposing anything
>that Fenton writes.
>I suggest to listen to some Fred McDowell and Hound Dog Taylor. Their music
>was exhilarating, upbeat and full of joyous optimism.
>Dick Waterman
>Oxford, MS

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