New Blues Movie Out Today

Lisa Kelly
Fri Nov 5 12:30:01 EST 2004

I used to consider blues "mournful" and hence refused to even listen to
them. Who wanted to listen to sad stuff was my mentality.  Then I found out
there were more than one style of blues.


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Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 11:22:08 -0600

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At 08:52 AM 11/5/2004 -0600, Lisa Kelly wrote:Movie Review
By CHRIS VOGNAR / The Dallas Morning News

Lightning in a Bottle is a happy affair, even though it's
dedicated to the most mournful of pop forms.

When will we ever live that misguided reputation down?  It's no
more mournful than any other kind of music, yet many folks won't even
give it a try because of that one stigma.

Huh? It's much more mournful that hard rock, punk rockm dixieland,
or Polkas, just to name four that popped right into my head.

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