Jimmy T, Mac & me

Blue Stew bluestew@gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 04:24:14 EST 2004

Hey Blues addicts. 
The "JPF 2004 Music Awards" nominees are in.  Yea, I've never heard of
it either until they contacted me.
Anyway, among the nominees in the blues category are Jimmy "T99" 
Nelson (TX) "Best Blues Album" (Take Your Pick),  Dave Mackenzie (KY)
"Best Blues Album" (Solo) and "Best Blues Song" (If Jesus Comes Back)
<great song btw, and Michael P. Miller (CA) (AKA Blue Stew),"Best
Blues Album" (Homeward) and "Best Blues Song" (Holes in the Wall).

"you and you're attorney have taken it all now I got nothin' left but
these holes in the wall…"

I've come to agree with myself that, although it's very nice to be
nominated, it's NOT good enough...I WANNA F%#^&N' WIN!!
I'm up against some REAL talent here so pray for me!  Even if you
don't like me or you're an atheist, do it anyway, it'll make you feel
Heck, the only thing I've ever won was a 1 year vacation (all expenses
paid) at a California corrections getaway.  I borrowed a coupla' cars
and forgot to return 'em.

The winners will be announced at the Awards show is this Sunday the
7th at the Galaxy Theatre in L.A. and I'm as nervous as a ceiling fan
store owner with a comb over, and I haven't a thing to wear!

Blue Stew's altar ego, Michael P. Miller (who is much nicer, more
sensitive and laid back than B.S.) will be performing at a "Pre-Awards
 Show" This Sat. the 6th 7pm at Martini Blues
http://www.martiniblues.com/ in Huntington Beach.
Wear something nice 'cause it is being taped for broadcast as part of
the awards show.

Ps Thank you Derick Silvers (CDBaby) for submitting my cd…you da man!
Pps, this has nothing to do with the "Blues Idol" thing.
B.S. "No you don't you fkn' looser!"

"Blues is the music of celebration, pain, joy, praise, passion,
heartbreak, love. The blues is in everyone. The blues is life,
experience it."- M.P.Miller

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