Why Memphis is a bad music town (and getting worse)

Paul Nunis thebluescaster@YAHOO.COM
Tue Nov 2 00:53:19 EST 2004

"You are overlooking another successful type... the hustler.  An example...
during one recent visit to the French Quarter I saw, in one day, the same
musician play for tips at Cafe Du Monde during the day, play for the dinner
crowd at The Palm Court, and then play the night away at Preservation Hall.
Good musicians... especially hustling musicians... earn a living in NOLA."

Used to be able to hustle like that in Memphis, but it is now illegal to
play for tips on Beale, unless a club owner sets you up on their property.

The voting tomorrow includes a referendum for a city income tax (to be set
by city council, with NO upper limit) on all pay earned inside the city
limits AND they haven't ruled out an additional license/fee for musicians
who do try to get a few dollars ahead.

Oh, and let's not forget the 10% sales tax on all purchases in Memphis..no
music stores outside the city limits, and they are trying to tax internet
and mail order sales.

Memphis politicians and merchants have always looked at the musically
talented as golden geese to be drained until they leave, and are replaced
by a fresh batch wiling to play for a pittance in order to be in Memphis.

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