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Tue May 18 18:22:27 EDT 2004

>From: Leonard D Watkins <>
> >of other folk's tunes. George"Harmonica"Smith was just another Little
> >Walter clone at times (like that would be a bad thing, he said
>Don't know many harp players who weren't LW 'clones' or heavily
>By LW

Yeah, but George Smith carried it all the way to that next step...when he
did that tribute
album to Litttle Walter (on World Pacific, i think).  He did a damn nice job
of it too (even though I have been known to say things like, "If I wanna
hear Little Walter, I'll put some on the turntable,"
he did an above average job of it...and, while I'm heaping out well deserved
praise, he didn't do too badly tutoring those West Coast cats who were
paying close enough attention to hang with him). imo.

> > Ray Charles and Charles Brown were essentially Nat Cole wannabees when
> >they first came on the scene, I wouldn't be suprised if Amos Milburn
>didn't >start out there too. You get the picture.
>I would say they were influenced by Nat not Nat wannabes

Ok, that's what I was trying to say.

> >What's the answer? Easy. HOUND DOG TAYLOR!  Listening to him is like a
> >pallet/mind cleanser....has a way of knockin' all the other superfluous
> >right smack out of your mind.  If that don't work, try some Miles
>I agree 100% on HDT when you need cleansing HDT can clean it for you.
>I ain't stroking you here but The Funky Worm CD can also cleanse you not
>like HDT but FW has nice grooves that are not found on all blues CDs.

Thanks Leonard, you were one of the few (on this list, heck, maybe anywhere)
who really "got" that record. Boyack did. J.J. did. Tom Hyslop did.  You've
all been kind enough, over the years, to mention that....there were so few
glowing reviews, that even the kind, passing remarks were kinda special.
It's not everyday that you hear a Billy Preston tune on the same record with
a Hop Wilson tribute next to an Ohio Players influenced instrumental, next
to a rousing version of Easy Deal Wilson's "Dallas."   There may be a reason
for that's sort of like ethnic food. A little bit of it is pretty
good, but you start mixing a bunch of hi-test dishes from different regions,
and there's no telling what may happen.  A side note on that Dallas tune. I
talked them into that one there at the session, that one and the King Curtis
tune, "Hot Potatoes."  They listened to 'em a couple of times, and then just
went ahead and nailed them. Anyone who heard has the Easy Deal Wilson
version (he was a pianist) knows that the boys brought some of themselves
into that track. I still say that's ONE OF the better guitar based
instrumentals of the last decade...but then again I would.    chuck

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