Do We thrive or just survive

Fred Dabney
Mon May 17 22:21:08 EDT 2004

I took my job as host of our blues show under protest.  I
knew little about it, at least that part which seemed to be
the stuff I was expected to play.

To me, blues was Bessie Smith, Bunny Berrigan and other
jazz musicians who played and recorded blues material,
not rock.

But I did the show, played the records and learned more
about it in the process.

I still don't like the rock side of the music, still prefer the
pre-war flavor, acoustic not electric.

But as I've learned, I have gotten to the point where I
can tolerate most of the stuff I started out seriously
not liking, even enjoy some of it.

And I no longer go in orbit in fury when someone says
EC is "a great bluesman".  I may not like him but that
has utterly nothing to do with whether or not he is, in
fact a blues man or pop star.

While I have my twitches, I have reached the point
where I take this stuff at face value.  I may or may
not like it but I'll use it on the air.  It has to be very
rank for me to dump it.  Badly out of tune for instance,
as to my mind that's a basic- minimal chops for any
type of music.

As much as I love classic and traditional jazz, there are
also artists who I won't give the time of day.  Ditto
classical music.

EC certainly is beyond merely competent.  So, I'll
play his records.  I wouldn't buy them but that is also
true of the "Dukes of Dixieland"...

Fred D.

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