On a Heavier Note

c.n. cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM
Sun May 16 09:41:36 EDT 2004

On Sat, 15 May 2004 21:10:18 -0700, Ken O'Neill <kayo@DAKOTACOM.NET> wrote:
>I'm getting a little sick of the reverse racism concerning EC, probably a
>lot of others.

Maybe I'm missing something; Has anyone said anything about EC being white
in this thread....and, if so, was it done so blatantly and often to make
someone "a little sick?"   I don't think so, so I'd say that (as far as
this thread goes) as racism goes--you're the one who played that card.

Don't worry, they'll be plenty of white guys playing the blues, no one is
out to do them in.   Some of them may even be very wealthy, though I'm
betting that'll be because of trust funds and silver spoons, more than
it'll be because of blues record sales.

For the record, on a blind ass bet of who knows (and can probably play)
the blues, a 100 folks from the inner city projects or rural Mississipi
has a lot better chance of delivering the goods than a 100 folks from a
rich gated community or Harvard. That's my opinion...others are entitled
to theirs, just don't feel the need to accuse people of words they didn't
say (or exaggerating the frequency), just to support an argument (we went
through that recently with the niteclub owners thread).   chuck

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