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that all sounds pretty familiar, i believe the live album we call Super S II
was recorded at the Fillmore (west)  'bout the only thing i remember off the
album was Al Kooper (who was at the heart of the projects) calling Elvin Bishop
up to play as a "special guest".  I had a double album by Moby Grape, can't
remember the name of it but one disk i think was just a straight jam...Grape
Jam in fact...no foolin'
"The Live Adventures of... " is the album you are referring to... Bloomfield
had a "problem" making the second of the two nights and Kooper used a bunch of
friends (including Bishop and Santana and Steve Miller) to fill in.  Paul
Simon asked Kooper if he could overdub a harmony on the live version of "The
Fifty-Nineth Street Bridge Song (Feeling Groovie)" he dug the version so much.

And yet another cigar to the man in the chef's hat... Grape Jam was packaged
with "Wow" (Moby Grapes second LP) and it featured Bloomfield on piano.  I am
getting ready to record my next CD at the studio of Bob Stern who worked for a
while with Jerry Miller from Grape and he indicated Miller is a KILLER Blues
player when he focuses on straight-ahead Blues.  Listening to Grape's early
recordings I always thought that myself about Miller.

Son Lewis
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