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Robert J Dewar rjdewar@cyberus.ca
Fri May 14 14:57:50 EDT 2004

BluescopeMusic@aol.com writes:
> the best modern artists are those that are like a living encyclopedia of
> blues performers...meaning
> they can call upon styles and sounds from the past that collectively along
> with his own experiences and musical talent inspire him to craft his own
> mark.

Dick Waterman wrote:
If this true (and I happen to agree with you), then why do people hate Eric
Clapton so much?

It`s a funny thing, but I believe some fans fall in love with a certain
style or genre and it becomes like a marriage. Till death do us part.
Excluding all others. :)

I`ve felt that way about music since I was a young kid. I loved Duke
Ellington, Gil Evans and Lester Young in high school and endured the taunts
and jeers of my fellow students as a result. Nerd boy!!  :) Something about
the teasing hardened my resolve and I became a Jazz snob at 15 yrs. It took
me years before I could really deal with contemporary music without a sneer
on my face.

Now I think what does it matter if someone gets pleasure out of a Kenny G
record or Lawrence Welk or ... Eric Clapton? I would be no better than those
assholes in high school if I trashed their taste because it was different
from mine. But I think at some level, the rather "low on the totem pole"
position of the blues breeds a lot of resentment and cloistered anger
against people judged outside the canon. Understandable? Yes. But still a
rather sad sign of incipient inferiority complex. Some of us need to grow up
and realize that just because we don`t like Clapton`s version of the blues
(heck, I listen to more soul & jump blues than I did when I first joined the
list, stuff I wouldn`t have even considered in the blues bag back then)
doesn`t mean it doesn`t hold a lot of validity for others just as passionate
about the blues as ourselves.

It`s a big tent as a famous quote from the blues-l archives reveals.  ;)

Robert J Dewar

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