Blues CD Recommendations
Thu May 13 18:56:44 EDT 2004


Obviously you have CHOSEN to be in the minority of ruffled simpletosn on this
list that harbor a boat load of negativity towards real blues content-filled
posts.  Pat, as much as anyone on this list, LOVE to self-promote and when you
do, I never say a damn word, do I?

Yet, when I post a large list of real deal blues cds (that I am not PLAYING
ON), you wind up holding a rediculous grudge for five months.  I understand
that you want to be the Alpha male on the list.  So go for it.  Get pissed.  Tear
apart every blues related post you *think* has is an ego attached, if that's
what you want to do.  The truth is I love blues and want to talk about it
24.7.  You just want to talk about Pat Boyack.

I have little interest in debating with you in a public forum, since I'm busy
with more important things.  I have tried emailing you directly but your
email account which is isabled from some reason.  So I will try you at and resume this there if you want.

If you have half a brain, you'll see that I would be a good person for you to
"get to know" instead of constantly acting like a little dog who just got his
tail stepped on.

PS: I have no resentment toward you.  I realize, as with Chuck Nevitt, this
is your way of expressing how deeply in love with me your really are.

In a message dated 5/13/04 3:26:13 PM, busjio@AOL.COM writes:

<< >Dear Pat,
>You're right, I post my collection because I like to boast about myself,
>because its a 100% blues related topic (rare on this list, BTW) that could
>spark discussion about the actual MUSIC listed there.  MR. Boyak, one
would think
>you would have been a little more interested in the actual CONTENT of
>posts instead of projecting an "ego" onto me.

First off, it's Boya...C...k. Second, I am interested in the content of
almost all the posts on this list. Why you think I have to be interested
in yours IS ego my friend. Third, the cds you mention I have heard and I
would guess so has 95% of the folks here too. The fact that you feel a
need to post ALL of your collection IS ego. Read my post again CB, I gave
you credit for turning me on to some good music, so don't turn on me too

>You've made several recordings
>that are nationally distributed.  Is this you flaunting your EGO or is it
>expressing your love for the music as I HAVE DONE with every single post
I have
>ever made to this list, including the ones where I highlgiht obscur
>recordings by artist that deserve wider attention?

Again, I will repeat, "Read my post again CB, I gave you credit for
turning me on to some good music, so don't turn on me too much."

>It seems to be the same five or six insecure a-holes on this list who
>have to chime in with something negative about my posts, right?  I'd go
so far
>as to say that these are the poeple with the grandest egos themselves.

I have chimed in on your posts 2 times, 3 at the most. One was
negative,.... you posting your ENTIRE fricking collection, A through
F**king Z, thank you.

>I deply appologize if I happen to be a hell of a lot more well rounded and
>blue knowledgable than the Blues L anti-Christ, Chuck Nevitt or even
>Yoda, Dick Waterman.

You are not. Sorry to tell you this CB, but you are talking out of your
ass. Chuck (who I do disagree with on occasion) has done a great deal of
good for the blues by giving us a chance to hear people like Henry Qualls,
just to name a few. He also has spent untold hours researching old
newspapers and spending a great deal of his own money on this music. Can
Chuck be crazy? Yes. Does he know a sh**load about the music? Yes.

As far as Dick "Yoda" Waterman, to say you "happen to be a hell of a lot
more well rounded and blue knowledgable" than he trully shows your ego and
lack of knowledge. You sound like a spoiled little kid.

  (Nevitt didn't even know who Lurrie Bell was until two
>years ago.  Give me a break.)

Big deal.

 Thre truth is I spend time dealing with every
>aspect of this music on a daily basis.  I don't go around boasting about
>photographs or recordings I produced twenty years ago.  I'm working
TODAY, promoting
>music for deserving artists.  Sorry if that offends you.

Good for you, and I hope you get a little humility because I don't care if
you are the young "Jedi" of the blues at the rate you're going nobody will
be there to listen.

>Much love,

Right back at ya kid.

Pat B >>

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