fan murdered in New Orleans after JazzFest

Mike Pearce
Mon May 10 13:11:08 EDT 2004


As one who loves New Orleans and who was at JazzFest this year, I was
saddened and sickened to belatedly learn of the murder in a
botched-street robbery by a bunch of young punk thugs of a 57-year fan
(in the true meaning of fan - a fanatical lover of the music) just a few
blocks from the Fairgrounds as he was leaving Jazz Fest last Saturday .
. . .  His name was Daniel Breaux, and he was a painter, a free-spirit,
and apparently well known throughout New Orleans & Acadiana as a
spirited dancer, especially to Cajun music


As Steve knows, I live just a few blocks from where this happened. This
really shook up the neighborhood. Fortunately, things like this, generally,
don't happen in this part of town.

Early Saturday evening, the night of the murder, I got a call from a friend
telling me that Walter Wolfman Washington was playing on a porch around the
corner from my house. I walked over and was watching Wolfman and some other
local musicians play for a half hour or so. Daniel Breaux was right in front
of us with a big smile on his face dancing in the street with a beautiful
young (maybe 20 years old) woman. We were joking that he was grinding with
his granddaughter. The music stopped, it started to rain and everyone went
their separate ways. I'm assuming that this is when Mr. Breaux went back
toward his car and was shot. It was a horrible thing. At least he was doing
what he really enjoyed near the end.


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