Sat May 8 02:34:07 EDT 2004

I think there are at least a couple alternatives that are helpful on the
local scene.

Throughout this thread one common thing is the "adversarial relationship" of
club owners and musicians. Everybody is looking at this lot as the enemy.
Finding and supporting the right club owners can be very helpful.
Baton Rouge's two best blues clubs are Swamp Mama's and Phil Brady's. Swamp
Mama's is owned by Chris Alexander, who is also and excellent B3 player.
Chris knows his music, and has garnered the support of all us local "full
timers" by NOT booking bands that are "not ready" to be on a stage, which
might be the only difference I see between full time and weekend musicians.
chris runs a Tuesday night and a Sunday night jam. Tuesdays are open to
everyone, and Sundays are "invitational". He books Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday and
Saturday, pay being $100/man for 3,4,5 piece GOOD bands.
Phil Brady's is not owned by a musician, but the Baton Rouge Blues Society
has been very active in booking, supporting, and advocating the club. They
sponsor many events there, and have gained respect from the owner in booking
recommendations. Brady's also has a Tuesday night everybody jam, and a
Thursday night "invitational" jam. They book Friday and Saturday...and book
for the door...but an average door is around $700. Brady's also books bigger
names at least once a month. Recently Maria Muldaur, Tab Benoit, Greg
Wright, the Bluebirds.
Both these clubs have owners who are friends, and most certainly understand
the difference between good and bad music, and do well on their reputation
for good music.
My own personal (success?) has come from building a relationship with club
owners, catering businesses, private banquet halls, etc. Yeah Yeah Yeah
Let's Work Together.
I've had plenty of experinces with ahole owners, being blamed for his lack
of crowd when we're two hundred miles form home, waiting for two hours after
a gig to get paid while the owner's doing some coke deal, ya da ya
find the ones that are "on your side" and support the hell out of those
clubs. Make sure you invite your frineds that ARE appreciative of "good"
music, and make sure everyone tells the owner how much they enjoyed whoever.
End result is these clubs are percieved as having first rate music(blues),
and bands that play there get a little more respect, and a tad more money
from some of the other clubs.
I'm lucky ( it's the reason I moved here) that there are I'd say easily 50
live music venues in a 25 mile radius of Baton Rouge, so I can stay pretty
busy when home.

hoodooJimmy's two cent rant..........
(who owns bowling shirts and fedoras....but only real originals when they
come through the Salvation Army)

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