Gear: Question on Pickups

Whale Bone Bill suprqik@GLOBALCO.NET
Fri Jan 30 13:51:59 EST 2004

My friend Blew Stew!
I am not going to pick on you, although the temptation is great! The
Lipstick Tubes are a great pickup, if you want a real bright ringing sound
with lots of sustain. They don't loose a noticable amount of sustain from
string bending. Don't forget to have the center pickup reverse wound. They
are also a very loud pickup. I am going to use them in my new Strat project.
A little tip, trade out your 250k pots for a set of Switch Craft 500k's, and
your axe will come alive. Here is a web site that might intrest all of you
Fender guys,

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