Jimmy Lee Robinson (was Otis Rush )

Twist Turner bluesking2@webtv.net
Sat Jan 24 23:25:58 EST 2004

Some of us knew him, some of us worked with him, some of us have
recorded with him.  One of us even spent a lot of time ducking his phone
calls which pissed him off to no end.

Jimmy was on quite a few Little Walter records and a great but kind of
unusual in a good way guitarist.  I first met him about 29 years ago
when I got a gig playing bass(which I don't even play)with Little Willie
Anderson, Jimmy Lee Robinson and George Beasley on drums.

Scott Dirks will have more info, but we did a session or series of
sessions with Jimmy about 9 years ago.  Random Chance bought the masters
and the CD is scheduled to be released I believe in F
eb,  of this year!  So any day now.  Jimmy was a nice guy and I wanted
him to sound as good as possible so I remixed and mastered it all over
at no additional cost last summer.

Was this the demo that was cut in Chicago.  I had never heard of
Aberdeen Slim, but he showed up at a gig I was doing way out in the
middle of no where with Little Arthur Duncan quite a few years ago.  The
next afternoon they were suddenly scrambling for a recording studio.  I
got the message at the studio, but wasn't in that day, seems like I
returned the call but I think they found somewhere else to cut.  They
never returned my call. Funny thing is if they had talked to me at the
gig the night before, I could have did it.

 (CST-2) From: Romproller@AOL.COM (Jeff Brandt)

      Is anybody familiar with Jimmy Lee Robinson? A
harmonica/ singer who I used to play with, Aberdeen Slim, turned me on
to him. Jimmy Lee play on Aberdeen's demo cd. Tragically, not a strong
enough word, Jimmy Lee shot himself a year or two ago. He was involed
with the organization the save Maxwell street. He was also on the video
in the early sixties of the blues tour in Europe.

Twist Turner

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