Great James Cotton Record Rereleased

Steve Hoffman
Tue Jan 13 20:14:09 EST 2004

I didn't know it was out of print before /(/I thought I had it on CD in
some form) but CB91 is right - this is a great album.  James Cotton &
one of the best touring blues bands ever, at their peak.  And for those
of you who've forgotten what a wonderful, gritty vocalist Cotton was
before he lost his voice, this would be a wonderful album even if he
wasn't also blowing great harp.  Everytime I listen to this album it
reminds me why I so much enjoyed seeing blues live back in the early to
mid-70s. Altho this is a studio album, it is damn near exactly like what
Cotton & his guys sounded like.  Get it!
-Steve Hoffman wrote:

>The great James Cotton Record "100% cotton" has just been re-released on CD.
>Seems like you can buy it everywhere
>James Cotton Blues Band
>Album Title     100% Cotton
>Date of Release     Mar 1974 (release)
>The ebullient, roly-poly Chicago harp wizard was at his zenith in 1974, when
>this cooking album was issued on Buddah. Matt "Guitar" Murphy matched Cotton
>note for zealous note back then, leading to fireworks aplenty on the non-stop
>"Boogie Thing," a driving "How Long Can a Fool Go Wrong," and the fastest
>"Rocket 88" you'll ever take a spin in. — Bill Dahl
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