Carlos Johnson CD warning

Tom Holland blueguitar77@HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Jan 12 12:45:31 EST 2004

Funny that this post pops up now. I have heard many things about Mr.
Flores, and apparently, his most recent attepmt to swindle American
bluesmen fell on John Primer. I was talking to John & his girlfriend right
before new year, and apparently, Adrian is selling a John Primer bootleg
from the many trips John made down there in the last 5 or 6 years.

While I don't know the whole story, the parts I've heared, which out of
respect to John I will not divulge here, nor via private mail, Adrian is
all for taking bluesmen for what he can, and for those of you who have
dealt with him, I'm sorry that this conman happened to con you, but let
this be a warning for all of you out there, STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING FROM

Those of you interested in a Copy of the Argentina John Primer bootleg, can
get a copy from John at shows or through his website,

I will say that John has obtained the lions' share of this bootleg, and has
been selling it at live shows.

Tom Holland
Tom Holland & the Shuffle Kings

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