What's in your c/d player?

Joel Fritz willie_mctell@comcast.net
Fri Jan 9 17:43:52 EST 2004

I haven't heard a lot of SRV.  I know he did "Texas Flood."  Did he cover
some of the others on this cd like "Hepcat's Advice," "Rock the Savoy," or
"Little Richard's Boogie?"  <g>

I'm going to learn "Hepcat's Advice."  It's classic misogyiny--"Pimping for

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> SRV greatest hits 2 !
> Joel Fritz wrote:
> > I got this last week from Elderly Instruments--elderly.com.  They're
> > it out for $4.00.  It's one CD,  MCA-CD10667.  You can get the complete
> > track list at allmusic.com.  The  title is " The Best of Duke-Peacock
> > "  The highlights for me include "My Time is Expensive"--Gatemouth Brown
> > (1949), the original "Texas Flood" by Larry Davis with Fenton Robinson
> > guitar, "Drivin Wheel"--Junior Parker, "A Hepcat's Advice"--Elmore
> > then there's the two Bobby Bland tracks....I like almost every track, so
> > it's hard to pick the highlights.
> >
> > In post-war blues I'm particularly fond of the music from the late 40s
> > early 50s.  The music was in transition and people were trying to figure
> > how they wanted it to sound and what to do with all that new electronic
> > stuff.  It was different from the pre-war music and had almost as much
> > variety.
> >

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