talk about doing nothing for me...

c. n.
Wed Jan 7 09:14:40 EST 2004

As a Big Eared zeller just opined in private mail which was in total
agreement with my take, suggested that I give Hi Tide Harris a listen, so I
did. He was right, Hi-Tide IS the shitzel!! It's been awhile since I had
heard his name, in fact I thought he had passed. Now, here IS an artist
that, if talent means anything, should be on one of those bigger blues
labels. But that's just me...

Hi Tide samples:

>From: "c.n." <cnevitt@HOTMAIL.COM>
>I kept seeing this girl's name, Renee Austin, on all sorts of club (and
>cruise) listings, so I took the time to fins dome samples to listen to.
>Talk about doing nadda for me, she's it. But that's just me. She must be a
>really hard worker, because I can't imagine her voice is what got her this
>far. I have to check the bio's of that Thunderf*ck band again, she may
>have well been a backup singer at some point....but what the hell do I
>know, she was good enough to land on Blind Pig, so that should say
>something in and of itself. What, I don't know, but it says something
>(probably that I don't have a clue...wouldn't be the first time). chuck
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