Er, anyone goin' to Fort Lauderdale?

Wed Oct 29 21:54:46 EST 2003

Hey : Oldschool what are we trying to do give Rhythm & Blues A new name.I
Thought Oldschool was a name that young kid's today give R&B because they
are trying to be hip But haven't a clue to what it was ARE GOING ON. A rose
was a rose in 1950 and still is a rose in 2003.Us older people don't need to
misguide the young by pulling their coat tail the wrong way.
              Guitar Mac.
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Subject: Er, anyone goin' to Fort Lauderdale?

> Thanks to the generosity of Dick Waterman (Richard the Younger), I
> will be in Fort Lauderdale for the Blues Festival this coming
> weekend.  The band I've worked with for many years, Downchild, is on
> the bill, and the highlight will be the appearance of Solomon Burke -
> who, judging from the last time I saw him, a couple of months ago in
> Edmonton, Alberta, is simply the very best old-school r&b artist in
> business.
> Apparently, I am going to be on a panel at some point or other with
> Bruce Iglauer, Art Tipaldi, and the aforementioned Mr. Waterman.
> Dunno what we'll all talk about, but Waterman and I, remembering our
> first meeting, back in summer 1965 at the Mariposa Festival up here,
> will be whispering about the attractions of the young women in the
> audience. We're old, so talking about young women is one of the few
> pleasures left to us in these politically correct times.
> In any event, I'm much looking forward to sunshine (it's rainy and
> miserable in Toronto), good music, and the chance - I hope - to meet
> some of the regulars on this List.
> Cheers,
> Richard Flohil
> (Richard the Elder)
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