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HEY KIDS...LET'S PUT ON A SHOW!!!!!!!!  Let's put on the best doggone
show in the whole doggone world!'ll be swell.  We can save
this state by golly!  Pee Wee, you can sell tickests.  "Wheel Chair"
Willy, you can open & close the curtain...that's the spirit!!!
Mike "welcome to the Hotel Caleefornia"

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Hey guy's Give Arnold a break he might Accident and do something for
California he certainly Can't get us in a hole no more than we are (
get me wrong I'm not a republican ) I moved here to Calif, in 1968 I
what it is or was to be able to work and make money and not have to
spend it
all on bill's when you draw your paycheck . At one time Calif, was known
the promise ;land and there was a lot of good blues song's written about
that . So all we can do is hope and try to make thing's livableAgain.
If you check your blues history only the poor working class Black Man
had to
slave for the man. But now we all are slaves Both white and Black.It
aint no
more company stores it's the credit card companies.Etc,
I think we all better wake up and see the light Calif is big and there
is a
lot here so it's up to us to save calif and that call's for thinking
the future and not forgetting about the past..
Think about The song (PROMISELAND) left my home in Norfolk virginia
Calif On
My mind Etc.

Guitar Mac
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Subject: Re: CA is BURNING!

> I think Gov. Arnold's threw one of his "terminating" cigars (that he
> chomps on) out the window of his air pollutin' Hummer.
> Mike
> Ps, It's smokier OH NO!!!  Mr. Boyack is melting away...he's down to
> only 245 lbs now...PAT, DON'T GO!!!
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> Sent: Monday, October 27, 2003 1:54 PM
> Subject: Re: CA is BURNING!
> Aw hell (pardon the pun) don't reckon Arnold, late one night at
> the
> crossroads of Hollywood & Vine, made some sort of insanely warped deal
> with
> the devil, do ya??  chuck
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