In L.A. ...looking for trouble.

Pat Boyack busjio@AOL.COM
Thu Oct 23 00:14:35 EDT 2003

>You going on fun or with Marcia?
>Wonderin' as I have a friend going to LA this weekend.

Go to L.A. for fun? No. Saturday(25th) we will be at Cal Poly in San Luis
Obispo and on Tuesday(28th) we are playing the Cerritos Center for the
Performing Arts in Cerritos. I have Monday and Tuesday off.

>Pat,  You tell Don Bennet to bring you up to the Hi-Cees to see Blue
>Stew and Kirk Maxson (he'll kno' what yer talking about).  We haven't
>seen him in a year or two.  He's still in the band, isn't he?
>Don't start no fight with our drummer.  He'll throw his Hienikin at you
>then run & hide in the broom closet...just like always.
>Drunks are always welcome to sit in on my gigs.  Makes 'em appreciate me
>all the more!

Yes, Don is still in the band. After 23 years I think he is going to stick
with it. I will pass the message on to him and I hope to see ya at the Hi-

Pat B
White Man Keeping the Blues Alive

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