Robert Johnson in court, the sequel

Tom Freeland
Tue Oct 21 23:59:44 EDT 2003

This is actually Robert Johnson in court, episode III, I guess, but anyhow, here

The Mississippi Supreme Court just rendered a decision in another piece of
the Robert Johnson estate case.   The opinion is about claims by Johnson's
stepsister's heirs (who lost the estate case to Claud Johnson, who the court ruled
RJ's son.  The stepsister's heirs had administered the estate in the beginning and
the stepsister made the original deal with Steve LaVere about the copyrights)
against LaVere and Sony Music for being cut out of the estate proceeds.  The
decision is that things the stepsister's heirs did/didn't do in the estate
proceeding resolved those claims against them.  The claims were thus dismissed as
already decided.

While there is discussion of the ownership of the copyright on the
photographs, there is no discussion of the ownership of the photographs
itself.  This all makes me wonder how the lawsuit years ago between LaVere and Mack
McCormack turned out...

Here's the URL for the PDF version of the Supreme Court opinion:

Tom Freeland

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