Between Midnight And Day

P.W. Fenton
Fri Oct 17 23:31:57 EDT 2003

I've just spent the past three and a half hours deeply engrossed in Dick
Waterman's new Book - "Between Midnight And Day; The Last Unpublished Blues
Archive".  I don't know if it's because I dearly love Dick, or because I
dearly love the subjects of this book, but I haven't been so moved by a
book in a long time.  In three and a half hours I went every where from
laughing out loud, to quietly wiping my tear filled eyes, to saying to
myself.. "whew! I get the idea Dick really doesn't like this guy."  I
envision many future Blues-L discussions based on this glorious book.

The entire length of my house is lined with jam packed, floor to ceiling,
bookshelves and I can't think of another book I own like it.  It's a
delicious photo book.... until you start to read it.  Then it's like
nothing else you've ever encountered.  Bravo, Dick.  From the time I first
met you I joined the chorus of people begging you to do this.  Man oh man
you've gone and done it.  I hope this is just "volume one".  I can think of
plenty of stories that aren't in this book that need to be told just as
much as the ones in there.

I've put a sneak peak at this book at   I don't know the exact day it will be
officially released but it's got to be any minute now.  October is on the
downhill side.

P.W. Fenton
New Port Richey, FL
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