Playlist: Paul Parello's Blues Power 10-12-03
Mon Oct 13 22:01:24 EDT 2003

***Special Show*** Our good buddy the extremely talented Blues musician Joe
Moss stopped by the station to chat, help us preview his new CD and to let our
listeners know about his CD release party this Friday at "Buddy Guys Legends"

"Paul Parello's Blues Power"  Playlist: 10-12-03
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1) Albert King//Blues Power//The Best Of Albert King//Stax
2) Canned Heat//Got My Mojo Working//The Electric Blues Experience//St. Clair
3) Fathers and Sons//Got My Mojo Working//Fathers and Sons//Chess
4) Karen Lawrence & Blue By Nature//Right The Wrong//Live At The Lake//Hostel
***5) Joe Moss//Ain't Got No Money//Monster Love//212
***6) Joe Moss//Need Your Love//Monster Love//212
***7) Joe Moss//Have You Ever Loved A Woman//Monster Love
***8) Joe Moss//Life Is Funny//Monster Love//212
9) Bernard Allison//Leave My Little Girl Alone//Kentucky Fried Blues//Ruf
10) Otis Span//Get On Down To The Nitty Gritty//Last Call//Mr Cat
***11) Joe Moss//Train Tracks//Monster Love//212
12) Elmore James//Standinng At The Crossroads//The Modern Blues Story//Fuel
13) Artie "Blues Boy" White//Leaning Tree//Blues Boy//Ronn
***14) Joe Moss//Monster Love//Monster Love//212
15) Mike Dugan & The Blues Mission//The Worst Is Over//Mission
Accomplished//Top Shelf
***16) Joe Moss//Love My Baby//Monster Love//212

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