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> HA!....and some said you were slow. I guess you think he really owns
> the clubs with his name on them too.   He's in it, just as his mgmt
> is, for
> the money. Nothing wrong with that; Just don't get that confused with
> making some sort of social statement, or the acceptance of mostly
> white blues acts over black ones (to round out his tour packages), as
> anything other than a business move.     chuck

Of course BB makes great business decisions, be they his own and/or those of
his representatives.  A smart executive knows how to delegate.  Ultimately
he bears responsibility.  This is why he's arguably the most successful
bluesman, certainly one of them.

But to say it can't be "anything other than" is pure unaduterated
speculation.  It's your opinion, shared by some, rejected by others.
Without further proof, that's the only thing it can't be "anything other

Major black blues acts probably aen't much interested in touring with BB.
They make more touring on their own.  I'm sure lesser black blues acts might
consider it, but why should BB tour with anyone who won't benefit him?  BB
has historically done things to broaden his fan base, which is why he's

There is much artists and promoters (and blues record label owners :-) can
learn from BB.  First, be nice.  Second, be open minded.  Third, learn to
accept change.  And fourth, make change work FOR you.

If you only play for your fans, you can do well.  If you can manage to ALSO
play before the fanbase of someone else with a huge draw, you not only have
your fans, but you make new ones, too, and your fan base keeps on growing.

BB is surprisingly modest about his own guitar skills, and seems to have a
very real and genuine appreciation for the skills of other guitarists.

Good business?  You betcha.  And heck, you can even genuinely like the music
of those who help your career.  (Not everyone is musically myopic ;-)  Some
folks only like chicken.  Most folks like a reaonable variety.  And some
folks will eat anything.  The latter are known as "Cajun".

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