jonny lang = $34.50 ? and Photographers too...

Blue Stew
Fri Oct 10 15:24:45 EDT 2003

I remember not very long ago (6, 7 yrs) that Jonny was playing for free
at shopping center openings (and the like) in L.A.  Success is sweet!

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I agree with Ricky (quoted below.) Jonny and his managers are only
making a
mistake with the $34.50 price if NO ONE SHOW UP. It's supply and demand.
Just like anything else, there is a curve of price vs. how many people
buy. Why charge $10 if people will pay $35?

Craig wrote (quoted below) that Jonny doesn't have a ton of experience.
Heck, I saw him open for Little Feat around ten years ago. He has more
experience than little Stevie Wonder did and maybe around the same that
Hendrix did when Jimi was making $75,000 a night in the 1960's.

And I'm certainly not comparing them musically. Just making a point that
it's not about experience. I think Jonny is talented but he isn't my cup
tea and haven't enjoyed anything since his first album or two.

While we're on "what the market will bear." Why not charge $400 for a
print? If Dick didn't sell any, they are priced too high or are
undesirable. If they sell, why charge less? I hope he does well but will
guess they don't sell in great numbers. If that's the case, I would
Dick considers the effort he goes to to print, store and mail prints and
advertise them and create a web site. He probably decides it isn't worth
his time to sell them for much less.

Now, compare all of the above with Actors and sports figures who make
or million per year or per picture. That really gives people something
talk about. Again, if you don't like 'em, don't watch the games or go to
the movies. If you do, that money is generated and has to go somewhere.

Lastly, I do sympathize with some of the remarks in this thread when so
many talented musicians barely squeak by or need to hold day jobs to
their expenses. It doesn't feel right, and I bet Blues-L as a group
to support these artists' efforts. I know I do. If Jonny or whomever
charged less for their tickets, I don't think it would help the

J Kessler

>>From: Craig Ruskey> I'd agree that Jonny isn't the enemy... it's his
management at fault for asking that sort of money from someone who
have a ton of experience under his belt as much as it's the lemmings of
society who "bought" into the hype of him being the "great white blues

>>From: Ricky StevensIt's his management at fault?  No, it's his
management's JOB to get as much for their client as the traffic will

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