jonny lang = $34.50 ?

Fri Oct 10 00:02:07 EDT 2003

That's a matter of opinion If you want generic or 100 percent pure blues  .
Watered down or on the rocks  . Some people like the real thing especially
if you got to pay for it.
personally I think everyone should get what they pay for!.
        Guitar Mac
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> I've briefly went over this whole thread, and I'm kind
> of wondering what's the problem. Not trying to add flames,
> I just don't get it.
> If you don't think Jonny's music is any good, just don't
> go to his concert, or don't buy his CDs, it's simple as
> that, isn't it? Am I missing something here?
> Whether the price $34.50 should be considered high or low,
> is highly subjective, IMHO. I'm sure there are tons of
> shows in the U.S. that charge much, much more than that.
> How much does the cheapest seat of the Stones show cost in
> the U.S.? Isn't it higher than $34.50?
> Here in Japan, the concert ticket prices (especially for foreign
> artists) are incredibly high, and $34.50 for a Jonny Lang
> show sounds like a bargain. I think I paid like $60.- to
> see him when he came here, and that's average for a rock or
> blues concert.
> BTW, the Stones tickets in Japan cost (in face value) around
> $100 or more, and I personally don't think it's worth it.
> Paying that amount of money for a stadium concert where
> you can't even see or hear them right is a waste of money
> for me, but I understand not everybody feels that way.
> There are plenty of folks who pay and go to the show. That's cool.
> No reason for me to make a fuss over it.
> So what's wrong with Jonny? I personally think he's cool.
> Sure, his music is different from, say, Muddy Waters,
> Robert Johnson, or tons of other bluesman. But some
> folks definitely like him better than those old blues
> artists, and isn't it called the matter of taste?
> Mas
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