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Thu Oct 9 15:21:36 EDT 2003

On Thu, 9 Oct 2003 12:40:25 -0400, Michael Collins <outfidel@YAHOO.COM>

>I'm curious to see how BLUES-L'rs would grade the PBS blues series.
>For me, as one reviewer put it, this series was "extravagantly uneven"
>( So the best that I can do
>is rate each episode that I saw:
>Feel Like Going Home by Martin Scorsese - B-
>The Soul of a Man by Wim Wenders - F
>The Road to Memphis by Richard Pearce - B+
>Warming by the Devil's Fire by Charles Burnett - F
>Godfathers and Sons by Marc Levin - C-
>Red, White & Blues by Mike Figgis - C+
>Piano Blues by Clint Eastwood - didn't see it, but heard that it was very
>Overall: C- (maybe Clint's episode would've raised it to a C)

My grades   Feel Like Going Home  A-
The Soul of a Man  B-
The Road to Memphis B+
Warming By the Devil's Fire  - did not see
Godfathers and Sons  C+
Red White and Blues  B-
Piano Blues C- (Thought it was not very good apart from my stated
objections on coverage)

Not sure where my rankings would place the series, B-?
My grade on the documentary BluesStory shown on a number of PBS Stations is


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