A Real Blues Happening

Sax50man@aol.com Sax50man@aol.com
Tue Oct 7 03:04:35 EDT 2003

In Austin, Tx at TC's Lounge a display of some of city's best unknown blues
performers will be doing their thing.  This will be a show of Chicago, Delta,
and Texas blues.  If you're in the vicinity on October 18th @ 7pm come on by.
This one of Texas' last TRUE Juke Joints.  In business since the early 50's
the club is fast taking over the title as "Home of the Blues".  With performers
like JJ, Shonuf Blues, Johnny Be Good, Just Us, Mike Kerren, Hosea Hargrove,
and host of others. This is a can't miss show.  The best thing is that about it
is that  its FREE with food.  Go to my site below and get a sample of the

PS: I'm sharing my corn


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