The PBS Blues Series

Joe Lempkowski
Tue Oct 7 00:55:06 EDT 2003

Hey Chris,

I wasn't about Lisa Marie.  I think she has got some serious
guts to get out there and do her thing in the shadow of her father.
That is a tremendous amount of pressure for anyone to deal with.  If she
manages to make it, more power to her.  I wasn't the original person
that called Marshall Chess, "the Lisa Marie of the Blues."

Additionally, I agree with you on the Chess family thing.  I found it to
be somewhat self serving.  He should be proud of his family's
accomplishments.  They did a lot of work to produce some fabulous music,
but they did manage to record a great artist and their was little or no
recognition of that.  That is sad!  The music that they produced was a
partnership with the artist.  I felt the artists were done a
dis-service.  I felt like I could have been watching an infomercial for
Chess Records.  There is nothing wrong with that.  I find some
infomercials to be entertaining, especially at 2am.


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