Word-wrapping on posts

Christopher Burger cburger3001@YAHOO.COM
Mon Oct 6 21:26:07 EDT 2003

Thanks for mentioning this pet-peeve, Mr. Dabney. I find that half-way
through scrolling rightward on such posts, I start to guage whether it's
even worth the trouble. Some prominent posters sometimes have this problem,
as well as using exotic fonts or something that (for me) results in some
weird looking posts.

I noticed sometime ago that if I respond directly from my Yahoo account
(instead I usually go right from the List site), then this is when that
long rightward scroll occurs. I've tried to avoid this, for the sake of


On Mon, 6 Oct 2003 18:07:03 -0600, Fred Dabney <fdabney@nmsu.edu> wrote:

>> There seem to be a lot of posts recently that are not word-wrapping. They
>> run on as single lines way off the right side of my screen, and I have to
>> scroll over to get them.
>A lot of people have their mail clients set to default to "Rich Text"
>or "HTML".  Outlook Express, at least can be set to select either
>HTML or plain text as the default for each address in your book.
>I normally set all my outgoing mail to plain text which gets rid
>of most of that, but forwards and responses to HTML mail
>can get messy if the sender doesn't go in and re-edit the mail
>before sending.
>Fred D.
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